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Co-Habitating before Marriage - Where to Draw the Line

By Gayla

I’m in the position of seeking advice from both Dating Dames as well as Dating Dames readers again because I’ve found myself too close to the situation, yet again. Part of me wants to scream from the mountain tops that what my friend is doing is a HUGE mistake, but then again, I have to wonder, is it?

Dear Dating Dames -

A close friend of mine has been living with their significant other for just over a year. They had plans to marry near the year mark, that fell through. In the meantime, they’ve been living together with young children belonging to one them.

After one of them lost their job, the other has carried the weight of the family finances and recently purchased a home together that’s kind of become a money pit for fixing up.

It seems as though my friend is constantly working to provide while the other does little to help out even when the children belong to them.

The couple plans to marry within the next year, but I can’t help but feel my friend is being taken advantage of.

Should I speak up to my friend and let them know my concerns?

I’ll admit, there may be much I don’t know, but what I have mentioned above is clearly what I see on the surface.

If this were your friend, what would you do?

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