Putting It Together - Florals for Amy ...


Putting It Together - Florals for Amy ...
Putting It Together - Florals for Amy ...

Amy of Life In The Country commented on one of my Putting It Together postings and this is what she said:

How about a "Putting It Together" of florals. I've never cared for floral prints much but I find I love everything you put together and maybe you can change my mind.
Well Amy I am always up for a challenge so here goes.
You don't have to have flowers everywhere to have a floral room, done it a subtle way it won't hit you in the face like a bag of spanners.

Floral wallpaper in grey and white makes a stunning backdrop then you can add splashes of floral colours against it without it clashing.
Chaise Lounge and Chair from Cloth UK
Wallpaper from Ralph Lauren Home
Fabric for Curtains from Odd Limited
Ivy Tie Backs and Floral Pelmet Trim from Lemon de Rose
Stone Roses from Room Service Home
Wall Planter from Feinedinge
Floral Vase from Mirror Mirror
Perspex Table (stand a plant under it for a great effect) and Floral Porcelain Lamp from Rockett St George
Metal Floral Mobile from Plumo
Remember, if you have any great links to items relating to today's look just put them in the comments below.
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