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Are you like me that find scrapbooking a tad expensive? If you’re not careful, you can spend a fortune hoarding all the yummy drool-inducing scrapbook products out there! I came across these 5 tips from Not Made of Money on frugal scrapbooking — how to enjoy your hobby without breaking your bank:

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Ebay. I Have Not Found a “scrapbooker” Going out of Business at a Garage Sale, but I Have Seen Items Listed on Ebay for Just That Reason. Sometimes Stores Just Close Their Doors or Someone Who is a Scrapbook Consultant Decides to Get out of the Business. if You Search on Ebay, You Can Find Many Great Deals on Scrapbook Items. Specifically, Look for a “lot” of Scrapbook Items Where You Can Pick up a Supply of Papers, Ribbons, and Embellishments for Very Little Money


Store Clearance. I Also Hunt for Supplies on Clearance at Target or Walmart. Periodically, Target Will do a Reset of Their Scrapbooking Department, and Any Seasonal Products or Products Not Moving Well Will Be Discounted. I’ve Found Tags and Stickers at 50% or 75% off. Especially Check the Clearance Aisles after a Holiday - Seasonal Items Will Eventually Be Clearanced


Garage Sales. This is Where Mighty Bargain Hunter Found a Stampin’ up Consultant (scrapbook Consultant) Who Was Going out of Business and Selling Her Inventory at a Garage Sale


50% off Coupons. Both of My Local Craft Stores, Michael’s and JoAnn’s, Periodically Feature Coupons in the Weekend Newspaper. if There is a Particular Item That I Am Looking for, I Watch for the 50% off Coupons Which Usually Allow the Purchase of One Item (that is Not on Sale) for 50% off. I’ve Purchased Some of the Nicer Albums in This Manner


Dollar Store. My Local Dollar Store Has a Rather Nice Selection of Scrapbooking Supplies. All Are Acid Free and Archival Quality Too. I’ve Seen Wonderful Seasonal Papers, Stickers, and Even Embellishments

Hope this helps!

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