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Prince Harry's Rough Night ...

By Jen

Prince Harry had a few too many vodka and red bulls while in Bijous, in London last night. These pictures taken by News Of The World Photographers show Harry having a scrap with one of the photogs and falling over drunk moments later. The paper reported the reason that Harry acted so belligerent was that he was caught dirty dancing with ex flame Natalie, the girl he was photographed groping last year:

“In the club Harry and Natalie, who he describes as one of his favourite drinking buddies knocked back vodka and Red Bull. The two were surrounded by royal protection officers at a private corner table. Harry’s pal and former royal aide Mark Dyer was also there. Harry and Natalie occasionally dashed out onto the tightly packed floor where they danced close together with the Prince caressing the sexy brunette’s curves. A fellow reveller said: “Harry was obviously very drunk. He and Natalie spent most of the night huddled together at a corner table beside the dance floor where Harry’s bodyguards did their best to hide them both from view. They ordered full-size bottles of vodka and cans of Red Bull and mixed their own drinks at the table. It was clearly a big night out for both of them. Harry kept putting his arm around her. At times it even looked like he was kissing her neck although it was difficult to see. They were certainly being very touchy-feely with each other. They were gyrating together. He held her very close and had his leg between hers. He was totally out of it.”

Harry’s current girlfriend, Chelsea is currently on a gap year travelling the world, after graduating from university in Cape Town, South Africa.

Source: News Of The World

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