Plug a Challenge into Your Life

Couple days ago, hubby and I ran into a semi-argument about drinking problem. We have different definition when it comes to drinking problem. Little as I know, I think it's all about whether you can control yourself or not. According to AA meetings, you are having problem if you can't stay away from it for 90 days. So, get into a bet with my hubby to prove that I don't have drinking problem by not drink for 90.

Today is my day 2 and I am doing fine. I am positive that I can do it without any problem. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a glass of wine, or two from time to time. Some days worse than others, you know. But I don't drink as I need to drink. I drink as I want to and I believe there is a difference.

It is a good thing though to plug a challenge into my life. A challenge is often a good behavior that we should plug into our life anyways. We call it a challenge because we don't have the confidence or in my case, someone else don't have the confidence that we can do it. But we should just do it and prove ourselves or someone else that indeed we can. Plus, if we can establish a new good behavior or life style, then why not, right?

Sometimes, a new challenge could bring more color and passion into our life. Thus, bring our life into a new level or completely change our lifestyle, for better of course. So, why not?

I am going to stick with my bet and I know I will probably win. That feels good. And it will feel better when I get my prize.

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