Petals Edge Floral Design..


Petals Edge Floral Design..
Petals Edge Floral Design..

Momma Alexandria was in town this weekend, she actually had a conference in Charlostville, but she stopped in to say hi to her favorite daughter ( only daughter :) ) and to go visit a florist.

As I had mentioned in a previous post, I was 99% sure I had my florist, Barbara from Growing Wild Floral, I just loved her, her flowers, everything was so beautiful I was sure I had found "the one". However, Mama Alexandria being the rational woman that she is, decided that we needed to at least explore another florist.

Keep in mind though, that since I am having such a large bridal party that my mom is going to make the bridesmaid bouquets ( she is retired and going to take a couple of classes before taking on this challenge) I will also inform you how this goes and the steps we take!

We met with Gerry from Petals Edge---Honestly, I wasn't impressed with her hospitality. She made me feel as if we were rushed ( the apt barely lasted 30 minutes while my apt with Barbara lasted an hour!) Also her demeanor was more "put offish" I can't describe it, but it was just a feeling I got. I also still haven't received her proposal, 5 days later! I know she could have been having a bad day, or in a hurry to finish an order , so this was just a personal experience that I had. Also , some vendors are more about the professionalism, not about being a friend, so that could also be the case! Other than that, I think her flowers speak for themselves, they are beautiful, and she is very knowledgeable on all types of flowers, what is available in what season, colors that come with different flowers. If you are in the Alexandria area her office is easily accessible ( it is walkable from my work) and I would recommend checking her work out, it is quite beautiful.

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