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Patrick Swayze Chemo Amp Cigarettes

By popbytes

good evening! i'm in total shock over the picture of a gaunt patrick swayze on the cover of the latest **national enquirer**...last week editor-in-chief david perel and his staff broke the very tragic news about mr. swayze battling pancreatic cancer with supposedly only weeks to live! now seeing a current picture - i doubt he has a long time left - and besides pancreatic cancer is one of the worst types to have - a distant relative of mine passed away not too long ago from the exact same cancer - she went downhill very quickly - and was only in her forties - so sad! the picture also shows him smoking - word is that his cigarette habit was sometimes up to three packs a day - that's a shit load of smokes! i think i've told you before that i happen to be a smoker but i really keep thinking about quitting and pictures like the one below are worth a thousand words - i don't even physically enjoy it all that much - it's all up in my head and i need to start coming to terms with saying goodbye to the cancer sticks - it's a terribly dirty (and expensive) habit which i need to break...sooner rather than later

there's a couple of other stories on the cover including more about that whole heather locklear suicide call which took me by surprise since she always seems to well put together - i hope everything is ok with ms. locklear - i love the fact that she's with jack wagner - they make a stunning couple! front and center we've got weddings supposedly being called off for both katie couric and nicole richie (there hasn't been a really hot celebrity wedding yet in '08...i'd love to see brangelina walk down the aisle before the year is out) the bit of gossip at the bottom has me wondering what's up with mandy moore's mom stacy leaving her dad for a woman? that's drama but it's not all that uncommon...i'm sure we'll be hearing more about the situation with mandy's mom soon! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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