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Did Angelina Jolie Get a Tummy Tuck

By Mabelle

On her smashing red carpet comeback, Angelina Jolie managed to set the records straight and show a few things off:

• Her glowing face and fabulous, post-baby bod.
• Her new tats which showed the latitude & longitude coordinates of their twins Knox & Vivienne. BTW, she didn't put a cheesy x2 or times two at the end of one coordinate – instead she had two identical tats showing the same coordinates to honor the birth of the twins.
• Her still touchy-feely relationship with Brad.
Hmmm… but rumor's surfacing that the new mom got a tummy tuck. Is this true? Was the post-natal depression news that we got a hold of before was really cosmetic surgery to hide some post baby flab?

Honestly, I don't care! Angelina looked absolutely wonderful so it doesn't matter how she got her body back. Everybody does it these days, anyway. And if the results of a (is it painful) cosmetic surgery is as wonderful as hers – I wouldn't mind getting a tummy tuck myself – would you?

Photo Credit: Popbytes

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