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Jennifer Aniston Earns 20M for the Breakup Sequel ...

By Mabelle

It was in June 2, 2006 that the Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn starrer "**The Break-Up**" first hit the big screen. The couple were a hot item back then, but their relationship went kaput soon after.

Fast forward to today, when Jennifer just recently called it quits with crooner John Mayer and Vince Vaughn is still – well, being Vince.

Will theses two consider a reunion of sorts and star in a sequel for "The Breakup"? According to Lepaparazzi:

A source said: "Both Jennifer and Vince have been offered the chance to star in the sequel. As Jennifer is now such a huge star, she has been offered $20 million to do the film, while Vince has been offered less."

"Both of them are seriously considering it."
Will the movie take up where the characters in the movie took of? There, Brooke and Gary accidentally met again and the two promised to meet up in the future.

Rather than taking up where the film left off – I'd rather have them make another movie from scratch – with an entirely different script. But that's just me.

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