Kelly Osbourne Engaged to 18-Year Old Boyfriend!

Will 23-year old Kelly Osbourne be walking down the aisle with her 18-year old boyfriend Luke Howell? Luke is a model and a BMX bike rider, who Kelly has already introduced to mom Sharon in LA.

According to Marie Claire, Kelly was sported wearing an very visible ring on her finger.

Kelly said this about her current beau:
We get on so well together. I really do love him. Every time we are in each other's company, we always have a good time.

I am going to make a fearless prediction here and say that this supposed engagement is not bound to last. First of all, the five-year age gap may not make much of a difference when you're in your late 20's or 30's -but her boyfriend's 18! How long will it take before his hormones kick in and he goes looking for a younger version of Kelly, even if she's a lot less popular or she doesn't have a famous dad.

Also, Kelly herself admitted to being addicted to painkillers and in September of 2006 - she was briefly engaged (or married?) to Matty Derham of the band Field. Her rep later on denied that an 'inflatable' marriage took place since it did not meet the Irish legal requirements.

**Is Kelly's engagement a hoax or the real thing? **I vote for the first one!

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