Heather Locklear's Bout of Depression ...

Apparently, even celebrities who seem to have all the riches, attention and almost anything that they want in the world are susceptible to bouts of depression.

There’s Mariah Carey, Kirsten Dunst and now, Heather Locklear. Celebrity blogs have been abuzz this week about a confirmation from the actress’ publicist that she is seeking treatment for anxiety and depression.

Heather has been dealing with anxiety **and **depression. She requested an in-depth evaluation of her medication and entered into a medical facility for proper diagnosis **and **treatment," says Locklear's rep, Cece Yorke. "This is a confidential medical matter and no further statement will be released.
I'm Not Obsessed

I loved Heather Locklear in her comedic turn in “**Spin City**”, which was a refreshing break from her vixenish role in “**Melrose Place**”. Heather started her career in the 1980’s soap “**Dynasty**”, and she moved on to star in **movies **like “**The Perfect Man” and “**Uptown Girls”.

It’s a good thing that she has the support of boyfriend Jack Wagner - let’s all hope that she gets the treatment **that she needs from that **medical facility.

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