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Is This Kristin Davis Sex Tape Thing for REAL?

By steph

I Don’t Like You In That Way is reporting that the sweet innocent Kristin Davis has a SEX TAPE! Yikes!

Either Sex and the City has really stepped up their game for their new movie, or someone who looks a lot like Charlotte York is licking some guy’s dork. I guess the story behind this is some guy is shopping around this “Kristin Davis sex tape” and has let a few teaser photos leak on the Internet to pique interest in the video and help raise his asking price. Wow, Kristin really didn’t need to go this far to prove she’s not the prude she plays on television, but I’m not complaining, and I don’t think the guy attached to Kristin’s mouth is either.

Click on MORE for the VERY NSFW version: BE WARNED!!

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