Overcoming Panic Attacks ...


Overcoming Panic Attacks ...
Overcoming Panic Attacks ...

I’ve never had one but I’ve had second-hand experience with a couple of friends who suffered from panic attacks. Not unlike nightmares, having a panic or anxiety attack is one experience that can be quite difficult to deal with, especially if you haven’t had one before.

So what is it that happens exactly when you’re having a panic attack?

A panic attack is clinically defined as a powerful, inexplicable sense of terror that comes on without warning, peaks within 10 minutes, and is marked by at least four of the following symptoms: racing heart; sweating;...

- Women’s Health Mag
Here are a few tips on how they can be overcome:

• Remember that panic attacks will not physically harm you – and let your partner, family members or closest friends know that you are susceptible to the attacks.

• Get the help of the experts – a doctor may be able to prescribe a pill that you can pop when a panic attack strikes.

• After the panic attacks, it’s okay not to jump right back **into your tasks for the day. This will allow you some time to breathe, as well as stop and think about the possible cause of the attacks. If you're still not feeling fine after three days, **consult the help of a pro.

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