My New Simple Life Behaviors


My New Simple Life Behaviors
My New Simple Life Behaviors

We learn something new everyday and we are constantly changing our life little by little to make it better. And I just happen to sat down on a bored afternoon and listed some of my recent new simple life behaviors... see if you have similar changes in your life??

Papers & Magazines Notebook, AKA, laptop.
Why would I keep carrying fashion magazines and newspapers anymore while I can just open my PC and read anything I want, for free? And yeah... I have an addiction.

Shop in storesTry it off-line and buy it online
I still want to know what am going to get as well as getting it at the best price.

Soap op Reality Shows
Why? It has more drama and I don't have to be sucked into some ten years story line anymore. Except those shows that everyone is keep talking about of course.

Spend $2000 on my vocationMake my home the vocation spot.
Think about it, spend $2000 on some where we live everyday sure stretch the dollar much further then the 7 days vocations. Plus, you never know that it might get some extra bucks to your house when you trying to sell it.

Sit my a$$ all day long Take a 30 minutes walk with my dog everyday.
Do you know that human body only requires 20 minutes of walk everyday to stay in shape? yes, window shopping at the mall counts. But you can't do one week worth of walk all at once though. 30 minutes a day. Also, it is good to explore yourself under the sun for 20 minutes to help your bone stay stronger. So, why pay for a gym when you can do it yourself?

Fast foodsandwiches or salad
I know it's hard to get rid off fast food completely. Once a while, we feel like "I am lazy and I don't feel like cook anything". Then I will just have a sandwich or salad. And reward myself a better meal the next day. Thinking about the diet I write on new resolution helps.

Now, it is my list so far and do you have any new healthy habits that you can share? let's see in comments!

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