More and More Are Visiting Asia


More and More Are Visiting Asia
More and More Are Visiting Asia

According to survey conducted by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and Visa Southeast Asia, it seems that in comparison to last year, 9% more travelers looking at Asia as next travel destination. It appears that one in two people who intend to travel overseas in the next two years are looking at Asia as their most likely destination. Hm, I’d like to think this blog is making a dent, after all, hah!

Some highlights of the Asia Travel Intentions Survey 2007:

β€’ of those intending international travel in the next two years, 52 % were considering Asia as their next travel destination.
β€’ Thailand was again rated as the number one destination on travellers’ holiday lists, followed by Japan and China.

β€’ Perceptions of Indonesia were again influenced by safety concerns, namely the 2004 tsunami and potential terrorism attacks

And some very encouraging results from the survey:

One emerging trend observed from the 2007 survey was a desire for travellers to participate in environmentally- and culturally-sensitive travel. Almost nine out of 10 respondents said they would prefer to choose tourism products that showed concern about the impact tourism had on local cultures and customers and also protected the natural environment.

So it looks like more and more are headed this way. Are you one of them? What part of Asia would you like to visit (or visit next)? Hm, maybe I should conduct a poll… Watch out for it!

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