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Miley Cyrus Celebrates 16th Birthday at Disney's ...

By Mabelle

If you're one of the world's most popular teenagers, how would you choose to celebrate your 16th birthday? At Disney, of course!

The Hannah Montana star celebrated her sweet 16th birthday with the stars at Disney in Anaheim, California. Other teen celebs joined her at the Stars in Cars parade – and Miley herself invited 5,000 fans who joined her at the theme park. She even sang a few songs to the delight of her tween admirers.

The party is called Share the Celebration – and its goal is to help raise awareness for the Youth Service America organization. It helps drive consciousness towards the need for youth volunteerism.

Next year, Miley is set to release what's bound to be another hit entitled – what else but "**Hannah Montana: The Movie**"!

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