Matron of Honor Role and Dress

Hello there! I am back! Thanks to Anna for filling in while I was away.

I went home to the Philippines to attend my sister’s wedding and of course catch up with family and friends.

I was my sister’s matron (what a horrid word don’t you think???) of honor.

My role as Matron of Honor was to……

1. Host (and Pay for) My Sister’s (the Bride-to-be) Hen’s Night

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2. Be at Her Beck and Call on the Wedding Day (it Was so Organised I Didn’t Really Have to do Much)

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3. Say a Few Words (which Turned out to Be This Melodramatic Speech That Made Everyone Cry!!!!)

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4. Keeper of Their Cash Wedding Gifts (very Common for Asian Weddings to Receive Cash Gifts)

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Here is my gown:

and here I am shedding a tear or two at my sister’s walk down the aisle…..

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