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Is Britney Spears Having Adnan's Baby

By popbytes

good morning! oh i pray this isn't true but anything is possible when it comes to britney spears (as we know all too well) i certainly won't be shocked in the least if she's indeed pregnant again which the latest cover of **STAR** magazine proclaims - this time with paparazzi dude adnan ghalib (who is getting all holier than thou and provides the quote 'brit's having my baby!') brit is supposedly hoping she has a baby girl - her mom lynne and dad jamie are apparently 'horrified' plus there's also a mention of her rumored pregnancy to be some form of (twisted) revenge on sister jamie lynn (probably for stealing britney's spotlight...yikes!) there is a noticeable bump in the picture but it could just be a case of bloating! i guess at least she finally looks half-way decent in the pic but seriously - the very last thing britney needs right now is being knocked up for a third time! (if she is - it's her own dumbass fault - someone needs to clue brit in about birth control - she's such a fertile little trainwreck!)

in other baby bump news - there's a glowing angelina jolie (out at the independent spirt awards) in the corner - i'd be glowing and smiling if i were preggers with hottie brad pitt - i wonder if she's really having twins? jennifer lopez (featured as a 'delivery room diva' which must be 100% accurate) just popped out her own set of twins last week - whatever money la lopez makes from baby pictures should be donated to charity but i guess we can't expect all celebrities to be as gracious as ms. jolie! (besides baby cashmere sweaters can be pricey...) popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

PS if britney is preggers again...maybe she can go the whole 'juno' route but toss in a twist of reality for fun (and profit) oh i can see it now keeping britney spears' baby on which contestants will battle against each other every week in a series of challenges put before them by britney herself...such as who can hit up the most gas stations in an hour or who can chug the most redbull without keeling over from a heart attack - it could be good times! (i do love miss britney but she's such an easy target!)

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