Amy Winehouse Buys a Tanning Bed to Cure Her Infected Face

Amy Winehouse was seen buying a brand new sun bed yesterday - but it will take more than that to fix her shocking skin.

The singer was seen leaving her Camden home with the two-pence coin-sized rash on her face, which her spokesperson previously described as ‘impetigo’.

Impetigo is an infection of the skin caused by a bacteria which causes a blistered crusty rash.

However, the rash, which she has reportedly been taking antibiotics to clear up, does not appear to be healing.

And in general, Amy’s health appears to have deteriorated since her comeback Grammys performance, with her once healthy-looking skin now appears scabby, and blemished.

It seems the singer is hoping a sun-kissed look could improve the appearance of her skin - a sun bed was delivered to her home today.

But even a tan would not be able to hide the fresh scratches which were evident on her arm, which raises more fears about the singer’s well-being, and whether she may be self-harming.

The Grammy winner was first spotted with the infection, which initially revealed itself as a lump on her face early in the month fuelling speculation that it was caused by a hard knock on her face.

Winehouse tried to cover it with heavy make up but that failed to hide the appearance of the infection.

A close friend confirmed the health scare adding that Amy had “suffered some form of skin infection

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