Inspiration and How to Find It - No 3 - Being Negative

First a little note from me - I have come back from my break to post the 3rd item in my Inspiration series. How nice of me. I have collected lots of great items and links during my little break and will be back on January 2nd with the first batch. Hope you all have a great New Year's Eve.

You can see enlarged versions of the images by just clicking on them.

Don’t be afraid of black and white. Handled properly it can create a stunning effect. One golden rule is to blend the two colours into each other to create a flow rather than a sharp contrast.

A great example of that is in room with the chequered floor, the sofa with it’s subtle pattern brings everything else together.

Walls don’t always need to be all black or all white, a white paper with a black feature such as the Chandelier Paper in the picture is but one example.

The embossed concrete floor tiles pictured are a great option and they look like carpet but much easier to keep clean.

Windows can be dressed in black without it being to dark and solid. The Beaded Butterfly Curtain is a prime example.

Furniture is best if it has curves as that will give a dramatic yet flowing feel.

Finally – accessories, the choice is limitless.

All furniture featured from Interior Internet

Chandelier Wallpaper from The Collection, Paris

Butterfly Beaded Curtain, Concrete Floor Tiles and Black/White Cushion from Rockett St George

Tassled Wall Lamp from Sera London

Black Birdcage from Monsoon Home

Just a note here – that recessed sofa on the black wall is a folly in someone’s kitchen – Brilliant!

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