In Touch's Top Blondes List


In Touch's Top Blondes List
In Touch's Top Blondes List

Christina Aguilera

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Reese Witherspoon


Kate Hudson


Hayden Panettiere


Pamela Anderson


Gwyneth Paltrow


Scarlett Johansson


Paris Hilton


Heidi Klum


Gwen Stefani

I love Christina, she's definitely my favorite so I would agree with #1,and #2 Reese Witherspoon too. I don't know about Pamela Olderson being #5... and Heidi Klum should rank higher on the list. Scarlett Johannsen wouldn't even be on my list...

I'm very happy to see Cameron Diaz is not on that list. Jessica Simpson isn't either, but that surprises me.

I guess they tried to go with women who stay blonde, or maybe they made it up in the last few weeks since Jess has been brunette!

What do you think?

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