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Rosie Gets in the Ring with Louis...Vuitton ...

By Bag

In this corner...the talk show host and larger than life personality, Crafty Rosie O'Donnell. In the other corner, wearing the Epi Leather trunks, monogram lover, and luggage maker to the rich and famous, Louis Vuitton!
It's Rosie vs. Louis round 1...
Last week as the photo of the LV Tribute bag made the rounds, it appeared on The View, where much ado was made of the $42,000 price tag.

Rosie O'Donnell, never one to remain silent, said it looked like something she and her kids made in their craft studio, and announced she would prove it.
Well, prove it she did...

This is Rosie's version of the Tribute bag. Like the Vuitton version hers is handmade from other bags and features touches like working buckles and zippers.
**Round 1: Standing up to the champion, goes to Rosie!
Round 2...
Like the LV version, it is handcrafted (though I have a feeling Marc Jacobs won't permit a glue gun in his atelier), and made in very limited quantities. 24 Tributes were made, but this is a real one of a kind. The tribute is made from classic Vuitton bags, and each piece tells a story...Rosie, not known for being a style icon, made this from her own handbags and fabrics...each tells a story of an afternoon at K-Mart or Target.
Round 2, on status alone goes to Louis Vuitton.

Round 3...
Rosie's bag may not be pretty, but it is signed inside by her co hosts (as well as herself)making it a piece of celebrity memorabilia. It is valued at $42,00 like the Vuitton, but unless the bidding goes haywire it won't set you back nearly that amount. But, if it does, you can feel good knowing that the proceeds are donated to charity, and you get a nice tax deduction (not a bad thing will April 15th looming)
**Round 3, and the fight goes to Rosie!
**Bid on the Rosie Tribute bag here:Charity Buzz

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