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Head to Hollywood with Carmen Electra


Carmen Electra is undeniably one of the most gorgeous women on the planet and you're bound to find her walking the red carpet at least once a week. But there is a sad side to Carmen in that her mother passed away from brain cancer in 1998. Carmen, along with her friend Ken Baker who is the West Coast Executive Editor of US Weekly and a pituitary brain cancer survivor, founded Head to Hollywood so she could give those suffering from brain cancer an all-access pass to the world usually reserved for celebrities. We at Swagtime know a little bit about that! But Carmen has done great things like introducing people to stars, having them walk the red carpet at major celeb events and even pampering them with celebrity spa treatments.

Earlier this month on March 16th, Carmen held the Head to Hollywood event and poker tourney. To thank her guests for their support for pituitary brain tumor survivors and those still suffering, she gave a gift bag, a small gesture for those who have donated time and money to help her create dream trips and more for the Head to Hollywood folks.

Click HERE to see all the fun items in the bag. Check out the GABS bags, the Little i mints, the neckties designed for women and more!

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