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Omigod...I Am so LA

By Fashion

I couldn't resist the valley girl title ( no I do not live in the valley- don't get it twisted)but I have to admit my East Coast-ness is slowly fading away. I still have my East Coast edge (dammit) I am still mean and bitchy (that is just ingrained in me) but I have started to embrace some LA fashion trends.

For example-

Juicy Couture: East Coast Fashion Kitty hated Juicy Couture, where West Coast Fashion Kitty thinks that Juicy's Charm Bracelet is genius, the Terry bags are adorable, and what's so bad about a hoodie anyway?

LAMB: East Coast Fashion Kitty thought this celebrity fashion line was a bust, where West Coast Fashion Kitty think's LAMB is the shit! The handbagsare to die for ( I really need to stop talking about them and buy one) and the clothes get better and better every season.

What's next?

Only time will tell but... When I first moved here and saw people wearing winter scarves with a spring like outfit I would burst into laughter- now I am starting to realize a little coverage on the neck is pretty helpful when a breeze comes through...

And maybe...just maybe ridiculous boots aren't such a bad thing. They are just so easy to slip on. Right? I haven't slipped into that path but I am just saying I won't be shocked if it happens.

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