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'Tis the Season of the Exes

By Sasha

The past few weeks have been strangely eventful in dating and relationships land, don’t you agree? Well, at least, twas in my case — and a friend’s.

It’s funny how things are quiet and simple for a long time (think, years) then all of a sudden, you’d feel like the rug got pulled from under you. Lying there on the floor, you’d question fate, “WTF is going on?” Part of you wants to just laugh it off and the other wants to scream away the distraction. You can’t help but think (screaming in your head, mind you) about the probabilities that these sort of things would happen in your lifetime.

A friend shared her story of hearing from an ex of three years ago, a guy she jilted. Apparently, he seeks her hand once more but she gracefully declined. There were too many complications that time is vital in order to come up with a decent answer. So, yea, there’s still a possibility of a reconciliation between the two but it’s not 100% certain.

A week after that ordeal, it was my turn to tell her that MY ex came back into the picture. He’s not after my hand, though. Thank God. But simply being in close proximity in my new world, i.e. instant messenger apps and social networking sites, somewhat threw me off. Gawd. We’ve lost contact and never tried to re-connect for the last four years! Imagine how much we both must have changed.

During this time, the ex of the guy I’m currently seeing also came into the picture via a certain social networking site feature. To further explain that bit, this site allows the account holder to see who has been checking his or her site. And, lo and behold, the ex was on the list, not only on his account but on mine, too, and quite recent visits, too! It seems that she’s overly curious about her ex and the girl he’s currently seeing (me!). Heh.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

I just observed that these incidents happened within close intervals, which led me to surmise that it somehow is a season that exes re-surface. Or am I making a silly assumption?

Well, if these things are of coincidental in nature, I wonder if there’s an actual study on the when’s and the why’s this kind of thing happen. Is it possible that exes can detect if the other is now happy and on the road of forgetting them?

What would push an ex to explore the possibility of contacting the other?

My guesses would be:

• Curiosity
• Regret

• Missing the other person

• Closure

Which one is it? What do you think? Thoughts?

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