DJ AM - Live in the Music Lounge…get Your Virtual Dance on!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we all know…the internet has taking over everything! Now there is even virtual clubbing (what??!!)…so get down to dance music in your pajamas (sounds like me on a Saturday morning haha!)

Check it out here:

The Lounge is a virtual nightclub where music fans can hang out, listen to music, make friends, dance, and chat. This week they are having one of the best DJs (in all worlds) to stop by The Lounge and do a live mix for the crowd and judge the dance competition! If you’ve ever seen the dude in the mix in person he’s SICK!

Here are all the details:

**DJ AM Live in The Lounge - Lounger Dance Competition & Special DJ AM Live Mix! **

Thursday, April 12th
4 - 5PM PT / 7 - 8 ET **

**Where: **
Main Dancefloor of The Music Lounge!

**Details: **
DJ AM will be making his first big stop by The Music Lounge this Thursday. He will be chatting, dancing, prancing, mixing and fixing! He will be judging an hour long dance competition and awarding creds to the Top 4 contestants (whether individual or team - you all get the respect!).

If you join now you can create your virtual self and start practicing your dancing moves for the competition, this isn’t Saturday morning mirror dancing now is it?!!!

Download The Music Lounge here: FREE

Enjoy and make sure you check out AM in the mix in the Music Lounge!

(story courtesy of WiredSet)

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