I headed over to the Rachel Pally sample today to accompany a friend. I have never worn Rachel Pally but have heard that the sample sales are a real to-do. Everyone is always making out like bandits and getting some great pieces.

I was shocked to see so much stuff was still there (it was day 3 and the final day of the sale). I picked up 4 things and ended up putting one thing back- in retrospect that was stupid. I didn't try anything on and my final sale made me sad (considering I still don't own a kitchen table) Why did I let the pressures of shopping get to me.

THEN I get home and tried on my goodies. LOVE! I should have gotten more stuff... What a deal I got. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Here is what I got:

1. ) Halter Dress- Very Comfortable and Cute. the Halter Straps Are Wide Enough to Be Conservative- but with a Little Twisting in the Back I Can Show off the Girls for a Night out

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2. ) Kimono Mini Dress- Frickin Cute and Makes My Butt Look like a Million Bucks (well It Pretty Much Always Does)

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3. ) Printed Skirt- Comfortable, Flattering and Versatile

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