Pop Nosh: '30 Rock' Gets Another Season!

hip hip hooray! my beloved '30 rock' will be coming back for a 2nd season - despite low ratings!!!

mary kate olsen has found love - here she is at a hockey game with her greasy guy max snow - ugh!

kate beckinsale went blonde for her new film - they best wrap quick - it looks terrible on her...

shar jackson (kfed's ex) got a whole new body for $15k but she'll still be a d-list persona!

pete doherty has a surprise planned for kate moss by piercing his cock! i bet she'll love that...

woo hoo! 'entourage' returns this sunday to HBO - the hollywood kick-off premiere was last night!

anna nicole smith's diaries are about to go up for auction - did she really love the old guy?!?

don't piss off lindsay lohan or she'll shoot your eye out with the teeny tiny gun around her neck

jennifer lopez has given up on the size zero dream since she has 'curves' and 'junk in the trunk'

today is foot fetish friday on drunken stepfather with one of the cruz sisters - i think monica!

scarlett johansson is not looking for love or a man - contrary to popular beliefs as of late...

lucy liu's nude lesbian vampire sex scene with carla gugino - are you turned on or frightened?!?

'project runway' is inspiring a new show called 'the money shot' - a photography competition...

i swear all denim should be banned from all uses except for jeans! i hate mischa barton's vest!

victoria beckham really wants a daughter - she even has hubby david on a 'daughter' diet - ha!

this season 'the simple life' has been renamed to 'the simpleton life' - here's a hilarious ad!

tori amos mrs. jesus (live)**what the buck?** on beyonce & shakira

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