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Climate Change Controversy Continues and the Governator Cometh

By Gareth

Controversy over climate change rumbles on with the publication of latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which says that the poor will be hit hardest by climate change. George Monbiot in the Guardian complains that the report has been watered down to remove, amongst other things, a paragraph stating that North America will suffer "severe economic damage" due to climate change. He compares this censorship with allegedly unfounded claims from the 'deniers' that scientists are under pressure to exaggerate man-made climate change. The excised paragraph also undermines the oft-repeated claims that the green movement is trying to take us back to the stone age.

The big green news politically is that Arnold 'The Governator' Schwarzenegger will be the star turn at the Conservative Party Conference, talking about the environment. Arnie's record on green issues is one of extremes. On one hand he is credited with persuading General Motors to produce a civillian version of the Hummer (certainly not a green form of transport at 17mpg or less). On the other hand he's suing General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota and Nissan because they "either knew or should have known the severe impact their vehicles would have on the health of the planet". It will be interesting to hear what he has to say, but I for one would wager that the phrase "girlie men" will not feature.

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