Portable Album Art in Concept Device


Portable Album Art in Concept Device
Portable Album Art in Concept Device

Any self respecting music lover would have had amassed a pretty impressive stack of CDs by now, but somehow regular listening in these CDs result in the liner notes getting all dog-eared while the CD jewel case gets all scratched and cracked in worst case scenarios. David Friedman took stock of this situation by dreaming up a concept digital CD jewel case that is placed next to your computer while seated on its charging stand. It hooks up to a WiFi network in order to synchronize with iTunes, enabling you to take the tiny display with you wherever you go to view downloaded album notes and art that correspond to the current playing song.

That's not its only function though, as the device also works as an infrared remote that enables you to control the songs being played. If at any time you change albums, the digital CD jewel box will sense that and displays the corresponding album liner notes and track listings. When not in use parading all sorts of album covers, this nifty device works as an ordinary digital photo frame. Are there any hardware manufacturers reading this? I presume such a concept will definitely be a big hit, assuming it comes with a satisfactory battery life.

Source: Gizmodo

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