Hollywood Car Wash

I am not a reader. I multi task entirely too much, perhaps its adult ADD or something. You will usually find me in my apartment with the t.v. on (not even watching), working on my laptop, drinking a diet coke, and yakin' on my BlackBerry.

Reading a book typically doesn't fit into my ADD schedule. However I do enjoy a good piece of Chick Lit. I have spent the last 2 nights with my nose in a book and totally loving it. I was reading the much buzzed about Hollywood Car Wash by Lori Culwell. I was tipped off about this books months ago and didn't know what to expect.

Ummm.... It's so frickin' good!!!

To me this book came at the right time because I am addicted to Hollywood gossip and it has been lacking lately. This book goes inside Hollywood and dishes the dirt. From weight loss to man made power couples.

Hollywood Car Washis based on real stories (rumored to be about Katie Holmes). Personally, I hate Katie Holmes -just looking at her makes me nauseous BUT I still LOVED the book. I could see some correlation with Homey Holmes, but I saw this book as more of a super mash up of all sorts of celebrity fuck ups (including a Rachel Zoe like character).

Grab yourself a copy its a perfect lazy day read or if you are planning a Spring break vacation, sit by the pool and read this. I will be interviewing Lori on the ThisNextBlog and giving away some autographed copies of the book. Trust me you will want to win this book- movie studios are already buzzing about turning this into a movie. Hello to the next Devil Wears Prada.

Read more about Hollywood Car Wash on TMZ>

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