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It is Cold in Toronto aka I Love Boots Wonderbalm

By Christina

Sorry I have been so absent - I have had one heck of a busy week up here in Toronto. So, I learned something new about beauty this week - I am way too accustomed to living in the humid south. After less than 24 hours in cold and dry Toronto, my normally oily skin is dry as a bone and peeling off my face. I tried moisturizer - didn’t help. I wore my Sleepwear under my makeup the second day (the regular one, not the oil free) - nadda.

You know what did the trick? I have a jar of Boots WonderBalm with me - I have been using it on my cuticles and elbows and feet (with great results, I might add). I spread it on my face, and voila! No more peely dryness. It takes just a little while to absorb, but Ill be darned - that wonderbalm is doing the trick. Its available linked to Amazon here, and at your local Target (yay!). Have you seen the Boots section at Target yet? It is huge in my little College Station store, I bet it is even better at yours! Let me know what you have tried and how you have liked it, ok?

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