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Very Very Short

By Camille

Sienna Miller


Hola Chiquitas!

It's all about showing off some leg this season. That's fine because I bet it's gonna be a very hot spring and summer. I was scared of this trend at first: bending over and strong winds put a fear in me of exposing too much. Now, after seeing so many collections and people wearing this short trend, I've gotten used to it and am no longer afraid to try the micro mini's for myself.
Me Despido Por Ahora

Hilary Duff

Hayden Panetteiere

This week's product actually does add a sun-kissed look to your face. At first I didn't believe that a bronzer would look good on my skin- tone. I already felt that I had a tanned look since I'm African-American. But I was wrong. A lot of make-up that I've tested for my skin tone has reddish tones to it that always look VERY unnatural on me. Through many trials I've discovered that my skin looks best with products that have gold under tones.

So while walking the aisles at Walmart, I've discovered Cover Girl Cheekers Bronzer in Golden Tan. I use it all over my face everyday and I look like I just came back from a tropical place. I loves it!!!

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