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Shopping Binge the Ruins Part 2

By Sasha

Omigod. Omigod. Omigod.

I did it again. I binged shop at the Ruins! BUT! This time I did not plan it. The original plan was to go watch the movie, “Miss Potter” in Alabang Town Center!

It all started with that pair of bikinis I bought in Rustan’s. Gah. **Rico** had to drag me out of the place before I started trying on other items. He told me to F-O-C-U-S. I had needed to buy other things for the upcoming beach trips (two trips!) planned. Over an early dinner at CIBO, I told him that I’m dropping the movie plans and I demanded that he take me back to BF so I can shop. I told him I’m in a shopping mood.

However, he suggested that we take the “scenic route” on our way back to the car. Bad move. Guess what happened next? Right! I went shopping. So, before we left ATC, I bought the following things:

From Rustan’s
1 Fartattu Agua bikini

From The Body Shop
1 Shimmer Waves in Bronze (eye and cheek make up)
1 Eye Definer in Taupe

From All Boxed Up
1 Female vertical striped boxer shorts
1 Dusty yellow sleeveless top

I also did a bit of shopping for necessities, i.e. toiletries and such, and, believe me, I also came out of that shop with two bags! Gawd. Anyway, you guys ready for the list of the things I bought when I got to **Ruins**? Here goes…

1 extended white camisole
1 extended brown camisole
1 blue and pink layered camis
1 green floral ruched tube top
1 white off-shoulder empire blouse with aquamarine floral and belt accents
1 white ruched tube top with blue floral accents
1 orange and white floral ruched tube dress
1 tarnished silver drop earrings
1 brown headband

Whew. I actually felt guilty when I got to Mocha Blends, where Rico was waiting-slash-working because I had with me four bags instead of one — like I initially planned.

In the end, it felt good. Shopping will always make me feel good. Hehe.

Note: Photos to follow!

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