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30 under 30 Awards


I keep getting older, but everyone in Hollywood seems to stay the same age. One of my closest friends here in LA is an actress who is over 30 but looks about 21, and her resume states she's been 25 for the past five years. It's too late for me to pull that one off, but in this town where youth is idolized and aging means express pass to the plastic surgeon, it's nice to know that there are young people here that are being honored for all that they have accomplished at such a young age.

The 2007 30 Under 30 Awards recognizes individuals for their incredible accomplishments before the age of 30. Just because they happen to be the sharpest and sexiest celebrities, entertainers, entrepreneurs and role models is besides the point. The event takes place in early May at the Camden House and benefits City of Hope, a non-profit organization that funds cutting edge research to find cures for cancer.

The 30 under 30 honorees will of course receive a swag bag at the event which includes some lovely products including, but of course not limited to, Xtreme Lashes, Spa Angels, Cultire & Propaganda Clothing, Fairytale Brownies (Asher Ross, CEO, is one of the honorees!), Joico haircare, Final Draft software, Music Plus TV and more. And Tommy Bahama Run will be hosting the bar that night too!

Last year Jessica Alba, Ryan Gosling, Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson, Hilary and Haylie Duff, Nicole Richie and singer Anna Nalick were some of the honorees in 2006. Stay tuned to see who the 30 Under 30 are for 2007!

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