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Never Listen to Another Voicemail Again with Spin-My-VMail

By Chip

It’s been a while since I’ve been so excited abut a service, but after using Spinvox’s Spin-my-vmail for a few weeks, I’m hooked. Not too long ago I also raved about CallWave’s visual voicemail service - which is excellent, but Spin-my-Vmail had me at hello. Spin-my-vmail takes your voice messages and transforms them in to text which is sent to either you as email and/or a text message. Of course receiving voice-mails as text messages can certainly add up on your phone bill. This isn’t a problem for me though because I have an unlimited text messaging plan.

So far the only negative aspect of the service is that I assume that a physical person must be listening to your messages and then transcribing them to text. It’s possible that they are using speech recognition software, but if so I am really impressed. But if an actual human being is listening to your mother ramble on about why you aren’t calling her back… well at least it’s just a stranger listening. Most of the time my voice mail messages get converted to text flawlessly. However, a few times there have been names spelled very wrong or a few words missed and replaced with a blank line. But that has been a minor issue, and the service is still in Beta so they probaly still have a few kinks to work out. Also, your voicemails are still stored on their system, so you can always dial in and retrieve it if you want to listen to a voicemail yourself. And being that the service is stil in beta, it is free. Unfortunately there is no word on pricing yet, and I certainly hope that it’s affordable because this is something that once I’ve gotten used to it, I cant imagine living without it.

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