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Swap Ribbons

By Christine

Have you got a surplus of scrapbook materials that you wish you can swap for something else? Why don’t you join Paper Crafts’ Swap Events. This time, they are calling for swaps on ribbons!

For this swap please sign up to purchase the following colors/types of ribbon listed below. Please post to this swap board (no emails, please) so we can keep track of who signs up for which colors. I will keep the list updated as the swap fills.

Send in 24 pieces of ribbon, each 24 inches in length, & in return you will receive 24 colors/types back in return!


Ribbon can be completely solid in color or have a slight design to them using another color as long as the “backgound” stays within the color you signed up for. The ribbon should be a smaller width that would be good to use on cards/layouts. Nothing with large widths please-for example ribbon you would use to wrap packages/gifts with. Please only send in a nice, quality ribbon that you would enjoy using yourself. =)

You may sign up for more than 1 color if you’d like, but is not necessary as I will open the swap up to 24 people so that everyone does one. For each one you sign up for you will receive that many sets of 24 back in return.

DEADLINE: Please make sure to mail your package to me well before May 1st. I must have all ribbon sets by this date. Swapping will take place on May 2nd & packages will be sent out on Thursday, May 3rd. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS! I will be happy to re-use your envie as long as you instruct me to do so on the outside. Be sure to send plenty of extra postage for the return trip home. I will not be sending out packages that do not have enough extra postage. (Unfortunately, I have been stuck doing so in the past.) I will be sure to return any unused postage.

I will participate & send my address out to the group when it fills.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for participating in my swap! And thanks to fief14 for letting me use your text!!
~ WallysGirl

For more info on this swap, click HERE.

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