Which Presidential Candidate Spent $400 on a Haircut?

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I was very much a "dude" growing up, so the thought of spending more than $10 for a haircut seemed ridiculous. What could a salon do that my barber couldn't? By the time I got old enough to realize that I didn't have to get the exact same cut over, and over, and over again, I was too broke to afford a hair salon, so cut it myself.

Now, finally, I'm at the point where I can appreciate what a well-trained stylist can do to tame my crazy coiffure -- for $60 or less.

John Edwards, on the other hand -- even though he has the most normal haircut on the planet -- finds it necessary to spend over $400 for a celebrity stylist to give him that "official look." What makes it even funnier, is that the presidential hopeful not only employed the services of Joseph Torrenueva, of Beverly Hills, but he paid for those services out of his campaign fund -- as if it was a legitimate business expense.

To be fair, part of the high cost is due to the fact that Torrenueva comes to whatever location is convenient for Edwards rather than have the politician make an appearance in the salon.

On the other hand, it's four hundred.dollars. I'm sure this guy is an amazing stylist -- and hey, if you've got it, spend it -- but doesn't this seem a little over the top for your basic suburban dad cut?

PS: for a funny video of John Edwards combing his hair to excess, go here.
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