Nuti Sevillana Ostrich

There is luxury, like the kind that come from people who think having the letters LV emblazoned on plastic makes it so, and then there is true luxury that come from incredible quality of material, meticulous craftsmanship and fine detail in design like this Nuti Sevillana in Ostrich. The signature ruthium hardware and orange suede lining, not huge logos, tell people that this is a Nuti which makes it the ultimate in luxury because if you know, you know. Just like how certain people can spot a birkin from across the room at a blink of the eye. I can't even begin to express how much I love this bag. The size is perfect, it is a little on the big side but is great for everyday functionality and the elongated shape sits comfortably under the arm. There are two large open pockets on the inside (about 4 inches wide) for easy to lose items and your usual zipper pocket on the other side. What I love most about this exquisite bag is that, unlike the seriousness of a croc, it goes with everything and I can use it everyday. Which is a good thing because it makes me look fabulous and put together in an instant! At LuxCouture for $2795.

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