Living a Week behind

Oy. I go from being so caught up to being dreadfully far behind, in just a day or two. Anyway, just wanted to say hi - and I’m not dead or sick or anything else - just a hair overwhelmed. Lots of work on my plate at the moment, and I am getting ready to go meet up with the b5 crew in Toronto this weekend (I am sooooo excited!!) and am slammed with stuff I “have” to do before I go. Like find the hole my baby horse has gotten out the last two nights. I have looked twice. Ugh. Then on Thursday my oldest and dearest is coming to visit and stay with my kiddies while I am gone next week, so we will have lots of things to do other than work. Like finding that hole before she goes on duty - shes not a ranchy kind of girl…LOL. And trying out beauty products - we are soooo good at that.

Anyhoo - I am going to try hard to get back to the regularly scheduled programming around here as soon as I can - hopefully tomorrow. I hope you are all having a great and relaxing week!

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