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Date: November 2005
How we met: Remember my friend who set me up with My Professor? Well, she sent another Jew my way.
Previous flirtations: Emailed for about six weeks
What we did:
The Scout's job was very busy, so it took us about six weeks from being introduced to setting up a date. In that time, I got to know quite a bit about my Scout. He had a great sense of humor, worked for a team I loved, was Jewish, lifted weights...and seemed to have graduated from college in 2004.

Thinking this couldn't be correct, I checked with my friend (who knows I like older men). She told me she wasn't sure of his age, but he was handsome, Jewish, successful, and she was just touched at seeing how loving he was with his parents. (In retrospect, it's probably because he was still nursing or something.)

The Scout works one town over from where I grew up, placing him two towns over from my favorite pizza place in the whole wide world. I don't get there very often, as it is about 45 minutes outside of the city. I was very excited for pizza and Scouting. I must have been excited enough to be shaking, as on the drive over, I dropped a mini bottle of perfume in my lap while trying to apply just a dab. I reeked, man. But anyway...

I got there, and put my name in for a table. I searched for The Scout, who was coming straight from work and would therefore be in a black sweatsuit bearing the team's logo. I saw a cutie walk in...about 5'8", black sweatsuit. It was my Scout. He put his pacifier aside and gave me a peck on the cheek.

We talked for about 20 minutes until we got a table. Engaging guy, funny, and self-deprecating. Upon sitting down, I subtly asked him a question which would make him reveal his age...he had just turned 23. In my mind, it suddenly went from a date to a baby-sitting gig. At this point, we both acknowledged the ridiculous age difference, and agreed to keep it at a friendly level.

Regardless, he insisted on paying for both meals (his mom must have raised his allowance that week...damn! I'm mean lately) He really was an absolute sweetheart, and I tried to think of any women I knew around his age. Unforutnately, I came up with no one.

We had a brief hug good-bye, and I went back into town to join my fellow grown-ups.

Nickname: Homeboy is a scout and coach for a very popular local sports franchise. Yeah, that plus he couldn't have been more than 8 months removed from getting his Start-a-Fire-With-Two-Sticks merit badge.
FDS: 7 out of 10...not a date, but what a sweet guy
How long it lasted: .15 of a date

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