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50 is the New 30.

By Elke

Did you see on Good Morning America this am? A story about how "50 is the new 30." Though in my half asleep state, I kept thinking they were saying 60 is the new 30. Madonna was touted as 'middle-aged' but still getting her groove on. And a full report about how the baby boomers are "spending their money", not unlike former generations, who usually saved it up. Which is why now beauty advertisers are going after them like crazy with 'age appropriate' products. Revlon (was it Revlon?) was there plugging their new makeup line geared towards 'older skin', though no product was mentioned or showed that I saw. Just a makeup artist whose brush kept poking the model's face over and over, and over and over, in exactly the same spot, over and over. It looked like she was applying foundation,though you hardly saw it, and there was a 'annoucement' that at this age, primer should be a regular part of your am routine.

Well first off, I'm thrilled to hear that 50 (or 60 or 70 for that matter) is the new 30. Finally advertisers (with the not so subtle push from 'Desperate Housewives') are getting it that we are the ones with money, not necessarily the teenagers who wanna look like Britney Spears (will, maybe not NOW.. Or J.Low. (who?) Or any of the over hyped celebrities that are out there. Just one rant. Where were you 5 years ago? Or 10 years ago Mr. Advertiser? It never fails to show, how money is the bottom line and if they think it will be made,they'll target that and only that. We were non-existant years ago. Now, we're the ones they want to spend their advertising dollars on. Well, don't get me wrong. As a 40 something, I feel qualified to speak my mind here, but let's just hope this 'trend' is not a trend. It would be nice to see ALL ages and types advertised to. Not just the so called, hip ones at the moment. Just my 2c worth.

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