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IBS Trade Show Highlights Martin Parsons ...

By Elke

The IBS Show (The International Beauty Show) in NYC came and went, and sadly, this show is getting smaller and smaller with less companies showing their salon hair care and product lines than ever before. Big wigs like Paul Mitchell, Redken, Aveda, Sebastian and many others are sadly missed and are showcasing their products at their own produced shows (which is never in LA or NY), leaving the IBS show with less to show.

And makeup lines? Virtually none to speak of, unless you count mineral makeup lines that no one's heard of and glitter eye shadow. Oh and TiGi makeup was there. Hopefully the upcoming "The Makeup Show" in NYC will give the makeup artist what they want. Product lines and education that is sadly missing.

IBS Show Highlights:

Long Hair Styling by Martin Parsons.

Based in Canada, Martin's presentations are always incredibly professional, filled with amazing fast hair styling tips and hilarious to boot, all wrapped up into one. Martin brings elegance to styling, but his sense of humor makes you want to jump in his chair. And his great styling tricks? I did one the next day on a photo shoot. The 'knot' technique (like tying shoe laces into the hair) that was so easy and pretty, the model wanted to wear it home. Below is a shot similar to what I did, except I did the knots tighter and closer to the head so it was 'tribal' looking.

If you're a hair stylist, you have to check out his seminars & workshops. Worth it's weight in gold. And you'll be laughing at his humor the entire time.

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