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New York I Shall Return.

By Elke

Well, tomorrow I'm off to sunny California,
back to my home in Los Angeles.

This trip to NY has been amazing.

Though my personal goal didn't happen, I know I'm much much closer to it then I was 4 months ago when I came out.

The people I've met, the connections I'd made, the amazing photo shoots I got to be a part of. Hello, Harper's Bazaar? What a dream come true. The incredible models I got to work on. (Kudos to Major Models and Trump Models, fantastic girls..) None of this could have happened in Los Angeles. It just doesn't there.

Though don't get me wrong. This trip was hard. I managed in the course of 4 months to get a twisted knee, a pinched nerve in my shoulder which left me with no strength in my left hand or arm for 3 months (and it's only now starting to come back), cockroaches in my kitchen, bed bugs in my bed, got knocked down flat out while walking through the busy 42nd Street subway pass by pedestrian traffic. (Okay it was only one guy, but he was big!) Walked home in the pouring rain one night because I forgot my umbrella, gotten lost a gazillion times, and stood on more incredibly hot humid subway platforms than I care to think of. I also got turned down for major jobs at least 36 times and had my portfolio ignored, sneered and tossed aside like yesterday's kleenex.

And still, I'd come back in a heartbeat.

Why? It's the people. People in LA tend to be very superficial, all about how you or they look, and are out for one thing. Them. Here, it's like a brotherhood (or sisterhood I should say) of those who are fighting to be a part of this city and they know how hard it is. And they'll stop to offer help, encouragement, a kind word. The people I've met I hope will continue to be friends and be a part of my life. Thank you. I'm so glad I've met you. And thank you for your help, encouragement, and kind words.

Now don't get me wrong. There are many things about LA that I love. #1, my family is there.

They've been so incredibly supportive and my little cheerleading team since I've been here, but I know they worry too, because I'm their little girl in the big bad city. I can't wait to see them.

Then there's the weather. As in no humidity. You've got your covered parking garages, covered shopping malls. For such a warm and sunny city, it's funny how everything is indoors. I miss my cable TV. And of course, my car. God I miss my car. I miss driving my beautiful car, music blaring, sitting in 45 minute traffic and not caring cause I have my music on.

So I'm off to LA tomorrow on Jet Blue, on the day of my birthday. And I can't think of a better way to spend it. A few quiet hours to watch TV on the plane with a chocolate chip cookie. Ahhhh. Heaven. And I even got the best birthday present. Remember that humid, flooded, firemen at the door shoot? I just heard that it was picked up by Harper's Bazaar China, a 14 page fashion story. Yeah!

I'll be taking a few much needed days off to rest, relax, enjoy my family and celebrate another year older. And I'll be back swinging come next Tuesday. Hopefully a little wiser, a little older and off course, a whole lot better.

Bye New York.

I'll so miss you. Your beautiful skylines, your amazing Sunday brunches, your Central park, your Times Square. You're in my heart you know.

But I'll be back come September. You can count on it.

Just leave the light on, ok?



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