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Elke's Dream Come True.. Day 2 ...

By Elke

Remember way back when? When I wrote about my secret goal that I was going for before I came out to New York? Well, believe it or not, the Harper's Bazaar story wasn't my goal (but it sure is close and can definitely help get me there..)

I told myself I would get myself the Treo Smartphone if I got my goal, but I figure, hey. Does Harper Bazaar count?

So not only am I shooting Harper's Bazaar Friday morning, but another 8 page avant garde beauty story for a possible Dutch magazine that afternoon, and on Thursday a beauty story for another magazine. Whew! Sadly, I'm not being paid anything for any of them, and Sephora just got about $150 of my money for new colors, new brushes, etc. I'm not at the level where makeup companies are throwing me their makeup lines just yet. (I got a box from one company but it wasn't even the makeup I requested, it was all skin care... as in "Oh, we're not promoting makeup this season, just skin care.") Oh geez thanks. But I can't use it. That wasn't what I needed.

I've also been looking for assistants in New York as well, but with my ever changing schedule, I have yet to meet with anyone, because when I need to reschedule, they flake on me. Geez, if only they knew. And to me, professionalism is the most important thing. Why? Because they reflect on me. If I have a bad assistant, I don't get hired again. And it's thousands of dollars I could lose for one day. I can't afford to have that happen. At all. Everyone gets one chance with me and that's it. No do overs. Rikki came just in time. We met last week, she's a young makeup artist from San Fran transplanted to NY and I told her I think she just hit the mother load. I need her for Harper's Bazaar. I think she's so excited, she can hardly talk. My assistants in Los Angeles, are amazing. We have a blast working together and they're the first ones I call when I get a gig that will pay for them. Why? Because I can 100% count on them. I just need to get together a great group here in NY.

Like they say, you never know what can happen.

Oh and an update? Our model picks are not available on Friday, they can shoot Thursday, but I can't shoot Thursday, and Thursday's shoot just went from 4 looks to 10, and now praying my assistant won't cancel on me. Oh, don't worry. All that schedule flipping? That's all normal. A shoot is never set in stone. Never. You just figure whatever happens, happens. I'm used to it by now.

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