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Feast Release September 22 ...

By MaryAn

Seems like it's been years since the third season of Project Greenlight debuted on Bravo with the script selection process that brought us Feast, written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. Executive producers Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Chris Moore and
Wes Craven didn't make the selection lightly or unanimously. But, the studio had the final say and Feast was launched over some strongly expressed objections by Matt Damon.

Meanwhile, twenty four months haven't even passed since PGL announced John Gulager as the winning director and the Feast odyssey officially began. After the final episode of PGL aired on May 12, 2005 , Feast faded into an obscure phase of postproduction, studio divorce, and release issues leaving fans to wonder if they would ever see Gulager's vision on screen. While Bravo and PGL are oddly silent on the Feast release, or I just haven't seen their announcements, September 22nd is supposedly the big day. Go, Gulager!

Directed by:
John Gulager

Written by:
Marcus Dunstan
Patrick Melton

Eric Dane .... Hero
Navi Rawat .... Heroine
Krista Allen .... Tuffy
Balthazar Getty .... Bozo
Diane Goldner .... Harley Mom
Judah Friedlander .... Beer Guy
Jenny Wade .... Honey Pie
Duane Whitaker .... Boss Man
Josh Zuckerman .... Hot Wheels
Eileen Ryan .... Grandma
Clu Gulager .... Bartender
Henry Rollins .... Coach
Jason Mewes .... Edgy Cat

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