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Fall Bargains

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For many people Summer means beaches, barbecues, and other out of doors pursuits. For others, it means jumping on the trends for next season (in the world of fashion, Fall begins before the first 4th of July skyrocket explodes). For a saavy third group, it means huge designer sales, where not only can you enjoy the sport of finding that bag you eyed in February at 1/2 price, you can do it in total climate controlled comfort.

If you find it too humid to even leave the house, there are bargains to be found online too, often in greater quantities than in person. here are a few I've found from my favorite, Bergdorfs. All are, I think, classic and suitable for year round use. And yes, you may notice a trend, but all the green is just to remind you of the money you'll be saving!

First up, a bag I bought for full price in March...a different color, but yes, I'm kicking myself...from Marc Jacobs

Originally $950, this fairly timeless, hobo is now reduced to $665. This style did come with a suede lining, which was inexplicably changed to grosgrain (with no price change) supposedly because it was heavy. All Marc Jacobs bags are heavy, but at $665, it can double as free weights!

This next is a perfect example of what I look for on sale, here, from Gucci

This is not something I'd carry often, but it is the sort of bag I'm always glad to have. A perfect little dressier bag which will spruce up so many boring suits and dresses. This bag, the Large Boston Bag, was originally $975, and has been reduced to $488.

This bag, from Jimmy Choo, is just so luxurious.

It may seem a bit more trend driven, with skin being so hot now, but I think luxury elements like skin are timeless. It's also not cheap, per se at $1900, but considering the original ticket of $3800, it is without a doubt a bargain. More details are here.

The final bag is neither green, or from Bergdorf Goodman, but it is the one I'm buying myself.

It's the Phoebe bag from Mulberry. While it may be a bit trendy, I don't think saddle bags have peaked yet in popularity, and since this is the 3rd time I recall them being in style in as many decades, it will surely be used in the future. For $585, reduced from $1195, I can't resist. It's also available in nude, which is a tan from Saks.

Since these are all sale items, quantities are limited, and some of the bags featured may be out of stock by the time you check them out. To tell the truth, I took one style out of the group because it was gone before I finished formatting the post!
So shop quickly!

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