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Village Voice

By Kristin

So by now most of you have heard about the Village Voice scandal today. No?

The">,sylvester,72342,15.html+sylvester+voice+strauss&hl=en&gl=us&ct=clnk&cd=1">The cover story in this week's issue was all about PUAs--a subject Dolly and I are both obsessed with now, after reading The Game and running into quite a few PUAs when we've been out. Well it seems that when discussing one of our famous nights out, Dolly's blog was quoted (I'm mentioned too--as all of you know, she calls me "Polly" on the blog). Exciting right? Yeah, but it seemed strange to both of us. Why not just email her, to make sure the story they quoted was true? Why not email her to see if she had any other stories? It seemed a bit odd, but still, to have your blog in the Voice --what a coup!

Okay, well, it turns out, according to Gawker, Dolly wasn't the only source not contacted. It turns out whole portions of the story are MADE UP (both Dolly and I thought so -- we're the only girlies we know that are hip to the PUA tricks, and Sarah now, too, because she's hooked up with one, and has borrowed my copy of The Game).

To make matters worse, Dolly pitched a similar story directly to the editor of the VV about 6 weeks ago (yes, I've seen the email, I can attest to the truthfulness of this statement). What's going on over there?

But the good news? Dolly's blog is now getting a ton of attention--her hits per day have doubled. We've always joked and laughed about writing a female response to the game--it looks like with all this attention, Dolly's going to get her chance!!!! Go Dolly!

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