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It's in the Soap Baby

By Elke

Ahhh, I just love bath goodies.

I truly do.

First love, makeup.
Second love, candles.
Third love, bath tubbie goodies.

All bubbly and fun and nothing like a bubble bath and champagne.
Yep, That's what I do after a long day on a shoot. My feet are killing me.
I'm exhausted. My brain is racing. It's bubbles time.

Well, maybe not champagne ALL the time, but you get the idea....

And bath goodies sure have been having a great overhaul.
No longer is a bar of soap good enough for us. Nope.
It's gotta be some fizzin, colored, stylin' hip happening aweseome kind of bath tub fun.

Enter my bathtime favorites.

Philosophy's Double Rich Hot Cocoa

The name alone just kills me.

A triple threat in a shampoo, body wash, bubble bath sensation.
Hey, don't forget the whipped cream.


Here, you're able to pick your favorite type of scent and go from there. Choose your scented "olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, hemp oil & shea butter" made soap from:
Plain Jane

Soaptopia's Choice Item:
the "I Really Mean It" Gift Box.
With your choice of
(4) soap bars,
(1) large sponge and
(1) medium salt scrub.

Okay, I soooo want this.

Lush's MMM
Or Melting Marshmellow Moments Bath Melt. As it says on their website: "Imagine for one moment melting into a pink, fluffy bed of marshmallow.. mmm. The ultimate pink, candy bathing experience for all of you sweet-toothed pink ladies. With mega-moisturizing cocoa butter. Lay back and melt away!" Ok, give me a minute.

Sephora's not about to be left out of the bath buzz.

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Hair & Body Wash
"Rich dark chaocolate and ripe raspberry sweetened with notes of black currant jam, French vanilla, and warm milk, cocoa extract and raspberry extract, and vitamin B"....

Add their Whipped Body Delightsin "Coffee & Cream" and I'm so there!

Or how about a mango butter Tub Treat?

"Drop this luxuriously scented tub treat into full warm bath water & let the creamy mango butter melt around you. Skin softening oils generously nourish your skin as invigorating scents uplift your spirits. Tub Treats come in fruity pleasurable scents:
Cotton Candy,
Honey Mango,
Cool Water,
Ginger Lily,
Wild Strawberry &
Asian Pear.
Made in Canada."

I'll have a Honey Mango please!

Blissoma's Bath Salts

When I get a press release that says "Live without Lotion", well, my ears just perk up. Blissoma Bath Salts has a new one out with lavendar that offers a cure to that dry skin after winter syndrome. With essential fatty acids and vegetable based oils, known for penetrating silky effects, soaking in a hot tub with these infused bath salts can help heal dry skin, while petrolatum and mineral oil just sits on the surface and makes you think it does. One "Lavendar Lift" Dead sea salt soak later, and my skin is feeling silky great.

Bath Tub Tip: Get in the tub first before adding your bath salts or oils. Let your skin soak in the water first. If you want your skin to stay at the moisture level it's at, apply your moisturizer to dry skin. But if you want your skin to add in moisture (and who doesn't) always let skin soak up water first, and then add your oils or moisturizer to seal. That's the only way you can hydrate your skin, both body and face. Trick is, you've got only 3 minutes to do it in before your skin starts to evaporate the surface moisture. So quick! After tubbie, blot off and apply moisturizer/oils right away. Your skin will definitely see and feel the difference.

I'm off, I have a hot tubbie calling my name.

And I'm also off to New York! I'm back in my old apartment which just got sold, so threats to turn it into a hotel are gone. And in my little rent controlled upper west side locale, I just can't get any better. I may or may not have internet access so if you don't hear from me for a while, not to worry. If I can, I'll be posting away as always.

Have a great week everyone!


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