Transition Towns Prepare for Life after Oil

Opinions differ on exactly how quickly we will reach peak oil and how life will change once that happens, but many agree that the world will be a very different place in 30 - 50 years, and if we want to be able to adapt, we need to start planning now.

Transition towns are doing just that - these are towns that have made the decision to plan collectively for the end of cheap oil and to work together to make their communities more sustainable. At the moment there are nine transition towns around the country, along with one village. Bristol is the first transition city, and Brixton has signed up as an area of London.

Transition culture certainly seems like an idea whose time has come - even David Miliband has spoken of the need to move to a post-oil economy.

Bringing together whole towns to work collectively means that solutions can be more imaginative and wider-reaching than if each individual tries to live more sustainably on their own.

If you'd like to get your town, city or area involved but don't know where to start, the transition towns team have put together a handy list: 10 First Steps for a Transition Town Initiative

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